Bonnie Carter

   acrylic glazes on paper

e-mail: BonnieL123@Yahoo.Com

I am an experimental artist working with thin acrylic glazes on paper, canvas, and panel. My methods include poured, dripped, and drizzled paint together with acrylic ink, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels, charcoal powder, collage, or oil bar. I love color and the tactile qualities of paint, and like to incorporate texture using a variety of tools. Wendy Lockhart of D.T. Gallery, Atlanta said of my work, "…Bonnie’s work is inspired by her deep appreciation of nature, and while many of her works are suggestive of landscapes, they are by no means representational. Instead, they gesture toward the essence of various environments: rocky mountains, swirling seas, barren deserts."

I have been painting seriously since 1973 and, although I have taken an occasional workshop from regional artists, I consider myself to be largely self-taught. Artists who have influenced me are Atlanta artist Edith Hill Smith, Jasper Johns, Rothko, and Agnes Martin. I have taught art classes at the elementary school level as a volunteer, and given demonstrations for local organizations.

I live in Atlanta and aboard a trawler my husband and I cruise from Canada to Mexico. I have been privileged to travel extensively, and the memories of what I have seen and experienced have ultimately been translated into these abstract paintings, which I hope convey the joy I feel when I work.

My current series, "Reflections on Nature" comprises nearly 50 pieces to date. My work is held in private and corporate collections in the U.S., England, Taiwan, and China. I participate in international and regional juried competitions. In both 2006 and 2007 I was juried into a book entitled American Art Collector, published by Alcove Books of Oakland, California. I have also been invited by Rockport Publishers to have an image included in an upcoming art book.

Bonnie's Resume

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