Cary Cleaver

   handcolored photography: landscapes & cityscapes

Artist's Statement

Light gives shape to everything we see, and black & white photography is all about capturing reflected light on film. I've always loved the quality of light in the late afternoon, the way it becomes part of the picture - accentuating the lines of natural and manmade structures. I'm also fascinated by the beautiful, distorted images reflected from shiny surfaces such as glass or water.

The hand-coloring process exists in between black & white and Kodachrome, allowing me establish a mood through color. The process also allows me to revisit places I took pictures of years ago, to make new discoveries about these places. My work preserves for future generations the beauty of places that have disappeared.

Art is about process as well as product. Spending the four hours it takes to add oil color to a photograph which I have personally printed invests each work with originality and the "by hand" feeling that is absent in many of the things we use each day.

Photography Bio

Cary Cleaver became a photographer in 1968, studying with Wendy Snyder, who in turn was a student of master photographer Minor White in Boston. Cary has set up seven eight! darkrooms over the years, working free-lance for Atlanta theatre groups, shooting bands at the Great Southeast Music Hall, and serving as Maynard Jackson's photographer when she worked for the City's Bureau of Cultural Affairs in the 1970's.

After a couple of decades spent building a career in arts administration as head of the Georgia Council for the Arts' Artists-in-Residence Program, Cary Cleaver was honored as one of Georgia's "100 Women in the Visual Arts" in 1997. She has exhibited and sold her work around metro Atlanta, Georgia and Florida, and her work is featured in American Art Collector: the 2005 and 2006 Southern editions, and the national edition published in October, 2007. Cary's "View From Mont St. Michel" is displayed in both black & white and hand-colored versions in The Art of Seeing, a 2008 publication of contemporary photography juried by Michael Reichman available from Alcove Books, Berkeley.

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