Claudia W. Jernigan

    watercolor painting, calligraphy



Claudia Jernigan is a Georgia artist whose series of watercolor and acrylic still lifes and figure studies vary in subject matter and never cease to engage the viewer. By age ten, Claudia could call many states home, from Iowa to Arizona. The family also experienced two extended stays in Europe, so she was able to see life and art from many vantage points.

Claudia finally landed in Atlanta many years ago and has stayed. Always drawn to the arts, she's been an accomplished graphite and calligraphic artist since her teens, having studied both in England. After moving to Georgia, she began taking art classes while pursuing a corporate advertising career.

Drawing has always been a natural part of her life, and painting, simply the next step. Working in studios both in home for calligraphy and close to home for painting, several years ago she began a freelance calligraphy, design and framing business. This led to more classes with talented local artists, which then led to the personal pursuit of watercolor and experimentation with its techniques and endless fluidity.

She has now left advertising to fully engage in the constant challenge of watercolor. When she's not painting, she's thinking about the next painting or series of paintings. You may find an underlying message in one of her still lifes, like the tongue-in-cheek rock, paper, and scissors piece called "Hiatus." Or you can simply enjoy the uncomplicated fun and freedom of a figure study like "Summer Friends."

Claudia has participated in several local gallery showings, many with a group of accomplished artists known as "a pARTicular group of women". In December 2009 she participated with her six new studio mates and invited guest artists in the annual Irvindale Studio show.

Artist's Statement

My paintings usually start with a concept that evolves into a theme. I've found that while working with an idea and exploring variations on it, I come up with a series of cohesive paintings that hopefully intrigue the viewer and gear me up enough that I can't wait to go into my studio and paint. My work is still evolving -- there are so many subjects to explore! I consider myself a realist but not a fussy, exacting one. Whatever style evolves from continuing to paint commissioned work or my own subject matter, I'll always love the process. As my new favorite T-shirt says: "The journey IS the destination."

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