Flora Rosefsky

spiritual mixed-media artist:
    paper cutouts, portrait commissions, collage, illustration,
    quilt & stained glass window design

  Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios, 120 Sycamore Place
  Decatur, GA 30030 ~ info@florageart.com
  Visit: www.florageart.com

Artist Statement

I love to cut paper, fabric, and more recently to use found objects and textiles for the support of my work. Whether narrative, symbolic, or purely from imagery that inspires me, I hope to incorporate into each work my own experience of spirituality, family and nature, creating images that are both universal and intimate. Often inspired by my Jewish heritage or my community, my work reflects a common thread of being joyful. I love using family photos and personal found materials to punctuate visual stories. A recurring theme to my recent work examines issues about family relationships and the response to our human vulnerability. The paper cutouts, applique story quilts, and designs for stained-glass windows manifest the fluid movement of line and an intuitive sense of color and composition. Like Henri Matisse, I enjoy the freedom to "draw with scissors," to create paper cutouts and shapes while adding a spirit of spontaneity that becomes an integral part of each new work.

About the Artist

Rosefsky began her career as a self-taught folk artist while living in Upstate New York and later studied art in a Syracuse University graduate extension program and also enrolled in undergraduate courses at Binghamton University. In the late 1980s, she began her serious pursuit to become a full time artist, while reaching out to children and adults as a teaching artist conducting "Drawing With Scissors" workshops and residencies. Rosefsky has exhibited her work in several juried competitions such as The National Collage Society's Annual Exhibition at Mason-Murer Fine Art in 2009, and invitational shows in the Southeast as well as in Upstate New York. Her one-woman shows include the genema gallery in Atlanta, The Fine Family Art Gallery at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta, The Harrington Center at The Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur. Her Judaic themed artwork has been licensed for publications that includes Hallmark Cards Inc. and several newspapers and magazines across the USA. Her work can be found in several public collections as well as private collections in New York and Georgia. She is currently developing a new series of mixed-media textile works entitled "Creation", having completed Day 1 and Day 2, "Let There Be Light" and "Divide the Waters". President of The American Guild of Judaic Art, Rosefsky is also an active member of The Women's Caucus for Art GA chapter and JWAN, Jewish Women's Artist Network, a group within WCA. Rosefsky lives and works in Decatur, GA.

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