Margaret Estes

   painting & collage


Margaret Estes exhibits and teaches in the Southeastern United States. She has illustrated four books and done many murals in the Atlanta area. She frequently works for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia as an instructor and education event producer. Her work consists of intense pen and ink drawings, wire and metal sculptures and paintings both acrylic and oil. The prominent subject is a surreal handling of the figure. Her work is thought provoking and sometimes even disturbing.


I draw, paint and sculpt constantly. The work I produce is sometimes for commission but often for the source of creation and statement. It is a psychological, ethical, or spiritual event that will ignite thoughts that lead to a work of art. I can only view life through my eyes so the work is many times from a female perspective of an event. I like to make art that causes people to think and question what they see. One of the important aspects of my job at the museum is training people how to look at art, giving them the tools to delve farther into a work of art.

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