Marilynn Mallory Brandenburger


Artist's Statement

I am interested in space and light and the emotions they convey. This interest often reveals itself in contrasts: indoors and out; domestic and wild; small space and big; shadowed and sunny. I like structured spaces, full of shape repetition and linear movement. I like natural light, softly filtered or bold as all outdoors. I find that interiors and landscapes are the subjects through which I can best explore these ideas.

The interiors and landscapes also express the yin yang of my personal and creative life. I'm a homebody; I love home and hearth and domestic routine. The interiors -- small, intimate, orderly, welcoming -- reflect this. These are places I have spent time in and where I have felt at home. But I am also a bit of an adventurer; I love distant and beautiful and unpredictable wilderness. The landscapes -- wild, open, big-skied -- reflect this. These are places I have explored and in which I have felt most free. But they can also be lonely and dangerous places, and when I have had my fill of them, I return to the comfort of the interiors. Thus, I go round and round, painting the ins and outs of home and away.

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Artist's Biography

Marilynn Brandenburger has worked professionally as a studio artist and art instructor for more than thirty years. Her work has won prizes in national competitions, grants from private and public foundations and artist residencies in national parks and artist colonies.

Marilynn's paintings are in collections throughout the U.S., including the Dahlonega Gold Museum, Gainesville College and Glacier and Isle Royale National Parks. Her work has appeared in regional and national magazines, exhibition catalogs, national park brochures and two books, The Best of Colored Pencil 5 and The Island Within Us. Marilynn has also illustrated three books, including two in natural science, one of her primary areas of interest.

Marilynn creates paintings of interiors and landscapes in transparent and opaque watercolor and acrylic gouache. The focus of her work is light and space: "My goal is to create 'structured spaces' in which forms are illuminated in such a way that they convey a sense of calm and order to the viewer."

Marilynn holds a Bachelor's degree in anthropology from Tulane University and a Master's degree in art education from Florida Atlantic University. A graduate of Harvard's Institute for the Management of Lifelong Education, Marilynn utilizes her training in teaching drawing and painting to adults in metropolitan Atlanta and around the Southeast.

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