Mona Waterhouse

   painting and sculpture: handmade paper, encaustic & mixed media

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Artists's Statement: January 18, 2010

In my art work I combine hand made paper with wax, pigment, and mixed media to create encaustic paintings, sculptures, photo based art, and installations. I started to use wax and pigment in my work over twenty years ago, when there was little information on how to work with it. It still fascinates me and most of my work incorporates wax and pigment in some form.

A native of Sweden, a large part of my childhood was spent in the forests, and among the many lakes scattered throughout the landscape. It is there that my love and concern for nature began, and it is not surprising that I use it as subject matter in my work, and that paper made from plants, wax and pigment are my foundation.

Through seeds and pods I have tried to capture the elegance, simplicity and beauty of nature as well as the fundamental laws that govern it.

In the installation Seed Bank, I continue to explore nature, but now my concern for the destruction of the environment has surfaced. There is a sense of loss and alarm as I observe the mistreatment of our planet.

Recently, I began to ask questions about the purpose of art and its role in society. I felt an urge to address the human condition in my art and through it oppose injustice, violence and war. I wanted to profoundly feel, listen to and see the world and our situation in it, and challenge the viewer to do the same. Thus my human rights series were born.

In my seed and pod sculptures I used transparent and delicate surfaces in combination with an armature that was strong and resilient, expressing both disintegration and growth. There, as in my more recent work, the beauty of the objects is meant to reflect optimism and trust in survival. Yes, some of my art is about violence and loss, but there is also an underlying confidence in the goodness of man and in nature’s power to regenerate and triumph.

©Mona Waterhouse 2010
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Mona Waterhouse – Biographical Sketch

Mona Waterhouse creates paintings, sculpture, wall objects, photographs and installations using handmade paper, pigment and wax. In an attempt to depict life and find a visual analogy for it, she uses her love of nature as a source of inspiration. The environmental mantra to reduce, reuse and recycle has informed her material and way of working for many years. In her more recent work her environmental and social concerns are expressed in mixed media installations.

A native of Sweden, Waterhouse has lived and studied in Sweden, England and the USA. She is now a full time artist living and working in Peachtree City, GA. She holds a Batchelor and Masters Degree in fine arts and art education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Waterhouse has exhibited her work throughout the USA and abroad and has participated in national and international competitions, including one at Hampshire College, MA, and recently one called “From the Center – Now” at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, with Lucy Lippard as Juror. Individuals and corporations in this country and abroad collect her work, which can be seen at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, Tokyo Airport, Japan and Mead-Westvaco Corporation SC, Kimberly Clark Corporate Office, WI and Great Northern Cooperation, WI.

Her awards include Individual Artist's grants from Fulton County Arts Council and Georgia Council for the Arts, Hambidge Center Residency Award, GA (2002, 2004), and Spoleto USA Arts Festival Public Arts Award, SC. In 1997 she was among one hundred artists awarded "Outstanding Georgia Woman in the Visual Arts" by the State of Georgia.

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