Patricia Hetzler

   mixed media collage & book arts

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Patricia Hetzler was trained as a painter but has an extensive background in sculpture, papermaking, bookmaking, and the textile arts. In recent years she has been creating mixed media paintings and collages.

Vanderbilt University recently invited Patrica to be part of their Special Collections and University Archives. Their mission is to preserve, store, and and provide access to Vanderbilt's internationally known collections of rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and memorabilia.Patricia will be in their collection of Southern artists.Vanderbilt's collection is made available to national and international scholars for study and research.

Hetzler has over 35 years of teaching experience at both the adult and children's level. She has taught in public and private schools, museum schools, art centers, and area universities in Atlanta.She holds a B.S. in Psychology with minors in Art and English Literature from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She has done graduate work at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and at Arrowmont School in Tennessee.

Hetzler's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the US and has been included in several international traveling exhibitions. Her work can be found in public, corporate, and private collections including the City of Atlanta, Georgia Council for the Arts, Georgia Tech, DeKalb College, King and Spaulding, and Alston, Miller, and Gaines. Hetzler has received numerous awards and she was the recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts in 1996. Her work has been published in Fiber Arts Design Books I and II and in Fiber Arts Magazine, as well as other magazines, newspaper reviews and stories.

Hetzler creates mixed media paintings and collages often inspired by her life long interest in paper and antique botanical prints. Her current "A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE" series refers to her love of Renaissance paintings of women and her years spent in the early days of the women's movement.

Painting is for Hetzler a remarkable and life-affirming experience, a form of healing and meditation. She finds that the journey is more important than the completed work and wants her work to be beautiful and to speak to the spirit. "I don't fully know what my work means until some significant amount of time has passed. Then, upon revisiting it, I am often amazed at what it says about my spiritual journey in this life."

Artist's Statement

I have had a life long fascination with Renaissance Art, particularly the Italian Renaissance painters. As an adolescent I spent countless hours in the public library pouring over art books and copying the drawings of the old masters. When I began college and was introduced to Abstract Expressionism I became an instant convert. I painted abstractly in oils for many years. After developing a severe sensitivity to solvents I had to give up painting in oils and start over as an artist.

This represented a big change, not only in the materials that I could use, but in the content and subject matter of my work. Eventually, I began to work in mixed media painting and collage, reusing images from Renaissance Art, particularly the portraits of women. The series "Women of Substance" refers to my love of the art of this period. It also speaks to the many years I participated in the women's movement; an experience which changed my inherited beliefs about women and also how I thought about art. While working on this series, universal questions arose: Who these women were? What was their life like? I wondered about women's roles throughout history. In particular, why were women artists unable to attain positions in the art world comparable to artists such as Rembrandt or Picasso?

My latest series, reusing antique botanical prints, represents my love of the prints themselves and also my life long interest in gardening. I want my work to be life-affirming and to reflect the beauty that surrounds us.

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