Serey Andree

   ceramic sculpture

I have worked in the challenging medium of clay for many years, but I am not necessarily a purist when it comes to my artwork. I use whatever techniques and materials come my way. I love to stop at junk piles on the side of the road. I look for odd bits of pottery shards in my creek. So, when I acquired several slip molds of doll parts and animals, I began experimenting with adding naturalistic elements to my architecturally inspired work.

Recent work includes a series of "human situation" pieces. These works begin with an idea of a particular pose, emotion, or predicament. During the construction of the piece, the personality begins to develop. Sometimes the result is clearly a self-portrait of a part of my life. Other times, the arrangements are more playful and humorous. However, all of these creations are reflections of the world I see.

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