Gillian Gussack

   figurative ceramics

My "Social Circles" series of sculptures is about the social strata in our society. Some cultures have obvious positions of influence such as chieftain, medicine man or warrior; ours is not much different. My work is about how we present ourselves in social situations and try to emulate these ideal role models. They are in the exclusive inner circle that seems so hard to penetrate to the rest of us. In this work, I have attempted to create some of the ideal images of our 21st century American civilization.

Zack, a Cool Dude Sheila, a Cool Chick

Gillian's Laughing Ladies

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- Zack, a cool dude
- Sheila, a cool chick
- Jamal, a jock
(and others not pictured here)
- An anorexic girl
- Jesse Street, a homeless man
- Mini-er me, the midget artist!
Anorexic Girl in Locker Room by Gillian Gussack Jesse Street, a homeless man who is camping out at the Juried Show, by Gillian Gussack Mini-er Me, the midget artist